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Smeg 9kg Front Loader Washing Machine Silver WM3T94SSA



The drum has a maximum capacity of 9kg of dry laundry.

Product Family: Washing Machine

Installation: Free-standing

Load capacity: 9 kg

Load type: Frontal

Max spin speed: 1400 Giri/min

Commercial width: 60 cm

Commercial depth: Standard capacity

EAN code: 8017709296216


Colour: Silver

Front panel colour: Silver

Led/display colour: White

Function buttons colour: Cromato

On/Off buttons colour: Cromato

No. of control knobs: 1

Programme/temperature knob colour: Chrome

Door colour: Black with chrome ring

Handle colour: Chrome

Drawer Color: Chrome

Top colour: Silver


Controls: Electronic

No. of programmes: 15

Washing Temperature: Cool, 20°C, 30°C, 40°C, 60°C, 90°C

Display: Residual time indicator, delay start

Programme selection knob: Yes

Delay timer option: From 1 to 23 h

End of cycle indicator (light): On display

Anti-allergenic option: Yes

Quick option: Yes, selection with the button


Duvet Outdoor Eco 20° Daily Fast 60′ Jeans/Capi scuri Prewash cotton

Cotton Prewash Cotton 40°: For soiled fabrics in cotton

Cotton 40° Cotton 60°: For soiled fabrics in cotton

Cotton 60° Superfast 15 min: a programme designed to wash small amounts of laundry fast, ideal for washing lightly soiled garments.

Quick wash 15 min Extra rinse: The Extra rinse option: can be added to the selected programme when more thorough cleansing of special fabrics is needed.

Rinse To drain the water in the machine.

Drain Spin Wool: this programme for wool or delicate fabrics uses slower rotations of the drum to ensure the utmost care for clothing.

Wool Antiallergic: Antiallergic program with particular attention to the total removal of residual detergent.Anti-allergy

Hand wash: this specific programme for delicate fabrics uses slower rotations of the drum to ensure the utmost care for clothing.

Hand Wash Synthetics: to wash your synthetic clothes (shirts, blouses, synthetic/cotton blends, etc.).

It washes with a gentle action and has a shorter washing cycle compared to the Cottons programme.


For curtains and tulle, use the Synthetic 40˚C programme with prewash and anti-creasing functions selected. As their meshed texture causes excessive foaming, wash the veils/tulle by putting a little amount of detergent into the main wash compartment. Do not put detergent in the prewash compartment.


Stain Level

Stain Type

Options Save /

Express Delay timer: can be set to run the programme at a convenient time or to take advantage of off-peak energy periods.

Delay timer


Speed Temperature

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